LUMPP's expertise for more than 60 years Knowledge, technology, quality and service

Scraper clarifier tank

For liquids and solids to separate by settling, in particular for water treatment

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LUMPP mixer for flocculation

Very effective in reducing turbidity, color or remove the colloidal water and wastewater or sludge treatment, filtration of clarified elements.

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Coagulation Mixer

Water treatment requires a fast mixture to supply a uniform dispersal of chemical coagulant through the flow of the raw water. LUMPP serves the needs of water treatment.

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Phosphoric acid

& Fertilizers

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For over 60 years, LUMPP’s mixers are designed to answer all of our clients’ specific needs. Mixers are a key element in most of chemical engineering processes.


LUMPP industrial mixers: performance, quality and reliability

Mixers are made of a visible mechanical part named « head »and a hydraulic part in the tank named « impeller ». The performance of the industrial process highly depends on sizing and design of the complete mixer.

For many years, LUMPP has been designing a wide range of impellers that answer even the highest demanding specifications of our clients as well as different models of heads that insure reliability and durability of our mixers.


Lumpp: renowned expertise

Our professional skills in hydraulic (with integrated software and CFD modeling) and mechanical design (with integrated software and final elements calculation) are internationally recognized. 

LUMPP relies on highly efficient facilities in a 5000sq meter workshop in Le-Mêle-sur-Sarthe (France), where the mixers are designed and built by the best experts. In addition, our clients can count on a very efficient customer service capable of assisting them anywhere in the world.

LUMPP offers a complete line of industrial mixers, impellers and rakes ranging up to 9 meters high, including propellers such as high performance propellers, specific rakes, anchor, ribbon, turbines, agitators, kneaders and blending systems. LUMPP mixers are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, hydrometallurgy and fertilizer production industry